My name is Laurence, I’m 21 years old and I live in The Netherlands.

I started this website because I am passionate about fashion. I grew up with fashion because my family owned many fashion companies and my mother has been a fashion designer for a long time. I love to help people find the perfect outfit that no one else has and what really suits them.

I started looking for unique brands that you can’t find in a regular shop. Finally I discovered some very beautiful brands that I had not heard of before and that deserve way more credit. While I was creating the collection for my website, I couldn’t wait to order the beautiful clothes for myself. So I bought some items and I really loved everything I received.

For many years I have followed a lot of fashion bloggers and every time I noticed that they post stuff that they only promote because they are paid for it and not because they really like it. They follow all the trends that only people follow because they don’t have their own style and think that they will be accepted by everyone if they wear that outfit because it’s a “trend’’.

I want to show you that you don’t need to follow the trends, because everyone else does. I’m not saying that you can’t wear it because it’s a trend but sometimes it doesn’t suit everyone. I hope to inspire you to buy/wear clothes in which you can be yourself and be beautiful at the same time. Wear it because it suits you and not because your friends wear it or you need to wear it to fit in.

You will see clothes on my website from the most beautiful brands from all over the world. All our selected brands can be shipped all over the world. Some people are not aware that they can buy clothes in other countries, and that they can ship it to you for only $10. You will probably be the only one wearing that outfit in your area.

My goal is to show you clothes that will make you feel more beautiful and confident.

With love,