The chokers are back and it’s a trend at the moment. The choker is minimalist, edgy, elegant, stylish and tough! The choker is a 90’s trend but there is (like many) one who has made his comeback again and I have to say, WE LOVE IT! This item can be combined with any outfit and can be worn on any occasion. The black shocker is especially drawn, but the silver and gold can certainly not be missed. You can combine them with other necklaces or just on its on.
There are many different types of the chokers, but it all began with the 90’s tattoo variant. This stretchable chain is a copy that has remained exactly the same. This chain is made of a kind of elastic so you can just pull it over your head. Fortunately, a lot of web shops have these in the collection and you can easily order them online at Besides this type of choker there are many more, like the velvet ones, the simple ones and the ones with a bead. This black, conspicuous chain can be combined with multiple variations, it’s very beautiful when you combine it in lengths. This gives you a little extra effect. Believe me, you’re addicted once you have bought the first item. GET READY!