Stargazer Zodiac Necklaces


A divinely personalised, double charm Zodiac Necklace. Alluringly artistic in design, our circular zodiac pendant, adorned with an original zodiac design, is made with 22K Gold Vermeil, and features an embossed symbol of the zodiac. Handmade in India by Fairtrade Certified Artisan group, the necklace is made in Gold Vermeil, which is a thick coating of 22k gold over a base of sterling silver – so unlike silver it won’t tarnish, and unlike gold plated jewellery it wont flake off. Each necklace comes with an individualised zodiac card.

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Size & Fit:

Necklace Total Length: 45.7cm

Round Pendant Width: 3cm

Square Pendant Width: 1.9cm

Square Pendant Length: 3cm


22K Gold Vermeil over Sterling Silver

Lobster Clasp

Singapore Chain


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